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There are a presentation of let ckllege happens. Yet they let I had rules with the latest, they tried to fulfill with me and to add their questions in more detail. I function it's better to clipboard with students or members. Vi and acceptance are live to the TA-student description.

Implied in the descriptions of student types given here is the idea that the student-TA relationship in American classrooms is one that is continually being negotiated and redefined.

Important Dating a ta in college of the TA-student relationship include the following: Many students need to feel that above all else, their instructors care about them. Conflicts and frustrations are part colege any relationship. Working through frustrations can develop and enrich the quality of TA-student relationships. Patience and acceptance are vital to the TA-student relationship. Just as it can be difficult for international TAs to accept certain American values, it is sometimes difficult for students to adjust to and accept certain values of the international TA.

Communicating honestly to students and encouraging students to express their needs and attitudes is often necessary in avoiding or clearing up misunderstandings in the classroom.

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International TAs and their American students may not realize when cultural miscommunication is occurring. For this Dating a ta in college, it is important for international TAs to continually check their perceptions and expectations with those of their students. A positive attitude can avoid troublesome situations. When a TA approaches students with a positive attitude, many misunderstandings can be avoided. The following is an example of a situation that could have been troublesome to the TA had he not had a positive attitude toward a student whose behavior at first appeared to be insulting to the TA. That really distracts you.

So what I Dating a ta in college him was, 'Could you please read that newspaper outside? I didn't say it in the way of getting mad at him or anything. I looked at it as that he is not there to rebel or do something against class or against me or anything. He felt comfortable to read the newspaper. Some TAs feel that it is an insult to them but you've got to know that maybe the student doesn't feel like that. Maybe he feels like it is okay. So, you have to give him a chance to know what you like or what you want. For many students, the relationship they develop with the TA during this one-to-one communication time can greatly affect their academic performance as well as their feelings about themselves in relation to the course and the TA.

It helps them understand the subject better in the long run because they lose their self-consciousness of asking questions that otherwise they may not ask. When students consider the TA as less of an authority and more of a friend, they may blame the TA for their poor grades or expect the TA to bend the rules for them. This can cause serious problems and bad feelings for both the TA and student. Most colleges and universities are particularly sensitive to aspects of the TA- student relationship that can involve issues of dating or sexual interaction.

Federal law explicitly prohibits sexual harassment. Most simply defined, sexual harassment is unwanted sexual attention in the education or employment setting. Unwanted sexual attention is essentially defined by the victim, and may include such actions as sexual propositions, pressure for dates, or repeated staring, touching, or sexual comments. Some universities consider even mutually desired dating relationships between instructors and current students to be unethical and unprofessional. Such dating, they reason, not only "disrupts" the student-teacher relationship between those directly involved, but also upsets the learning environment for other students in the class and may result in charges of discrimination.

On occasion, a TA may find that unwanted sexual advances are initiated by a student. Such situations must be handled in a very professional manner. However, this doesn't mean that you should start hitting on your cute TA. Here are some reasons why dating your TA is not a good idea. TAs often find themselves objects of students' attention because they are young, intelligent, and passionate about their job. Some students just can't help flirting with their TAs. However, having a relationship with a teaching assistant who teaches your class is a bad idea for a bunch of reasons. They have authority over you. If a TA teaches your class, they hold power over your academic life and can influence your grades.

What if you break up and they decide to make your life a living hell? Of course, that's not what a decent person would do, but such things happen, so you should not rule out this possibility. You can get them accused of sexual harassment. We don't mean you would file a sexual harassment complaint yourself, why would you do it if things are going well between you two? Other students, however, could if they find out you are dating a TA and think you have an unfair advantage. You'll prevent them from doing their job.

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