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Promotions (Oct 1st, 2016)

Please check our Facebook Wall for  the latest news and special sales opportunities of select DOL-Fin products.

DOL-Fin Orca Mk-2 Promotions:

DOL-Fin Orca Mk-2 monofins are available made to your order.  If you are interested in a DOL-Fin Orca2 please contact us regarding availability and expected lead times to shipping. 

If you have previously purchased a monofin from us and would like to upgrade to the Orca2, we are offering the Orca2 at a discount price of only $1290 as a "thank you" for your repeat business.  Please include your name and previous monofin model and serial number in your email.

The Ultimate Monofin Combo:

Buy a DOL-Fin Orca at regular price, and get half off the advertised sale price for either a DOL-Fin Pilot, or a Pilot2 Kit. 
 - Example: An Orca2 monofin ($1500) and a Pilot Kit ($599/2) for a total of $1799.50+shipping.

DOL-Fin Insider Track Club

The Insider Track Club is a great way to save money on international orders.  The following explains how the Club works, but you can skip down to the examples below for a quick synopsis. 

You start by purchasing a given level of membership.  That membership lasts for one year.  As an Insider Track member, you are entitled to a one time discount on your next purchase up to the level of your membership status and to within a value of not less than $200 for your final subtotal  (i.e. - the final bill must still exceed $200 before shipping).  The Insider Track membership applies after the original deal is negotiated.  At the end of 12 months from initiation, your membership expires unless you maintain your account with incremental sustainment dues of $10 per 12 month interval.  (This is only something to consider doing if after 12 months you have not used your benefit and do not want to lose it). 

The advantage for international customers is that your membership is a status with Smith Aerospace Corp. that stays here in the US for the duration of your membership and does not cross any borders.  When you make your one time member purchase from Smith Aerospace Corp., your product(s) cross the border with a discount showing on the invoice sheet and less will be owed for import duties. 

Also, if you want to purchase a DOL-Fin monofin, but are not able to complete the purchase now, your Insider Track membership can hold value toward a monofin that you may apply later when you can afford to complete your purchase.  This can be of value to some international customers when their local currency is falling in value relative to the US dollar, and they cannot quite afford to complete the purchase, but expect to be able to in a few months. 

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