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New products for 2015: Smith Aerospace Corp. is proud to introduce the DOL-Fin Orca Mk-2 and the DOL-Fin Pilot monofins.  The Orca Mk-2 is our new flagship product for freediving markets.  The DOL-Fin Pilot is a new recreational design for freediving and for scuba applications. 

The DOL-Fin Orca Mk-2 is the second generation of our flagship freediving monofin.  The original Orca has set multiple Dynamic records in competitive freediving, and the Mk-2 further improves upon the original to make it ideal for depth diving as well.  The Orca Mk-2 has depth independent positive buoyancy for enhanced diver stability during freefall at depth and an easier breath-up posture at the surface.   Aggressive streamlining provides excellent performance and the modular design can be adapted to an individual freediver's needs.  The Orca Mk-2 monofin unites the performance needs of the competitive freediver with the comfort and utility requirements of recreational freediving in a revolutionary product that can bring new levels of performance and fun to the sport of freediving.
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DOL-Fin Orca Mk-2

No longer restricted to availability on a limited basis, the revolutionary Orca monofin is now available made to your order.  The Orca Mk-2 comes in Small, Medium or Large frame sizes, with infinitely adjustable binding straps so you are sure to get an optimum fit. Presently, only the medium frame Orca is available, which can accommodate feet with sizes 40 to 45.  Large and small frame Orcas are still in development. 

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DOL-Fin Orca2 Monofin

DOL-Fin Pilot 

To address the need for a low cost multi-use DOL-Fin for recreational freediving and scuba diving, we are introducing the DOL-Fin Pilot monofin.  
Download - Printable DOL-Fin Pilot & Pilot2 Brochure: (Adobe File - 2 Pages)

DOL-Fin Pilot

This monofin supports its hydrofoil on an exo-skeletal frame that is tuned for recreational freediving, spear fishing and SCUBA diving.  It a good alternative for divers that favor maneuverability and stability over distance per stroke.  The Pilot is a simple monofin that provides what recreational divers need.  It is comfortable and economical, yet it retains the DOL-Fin hydrofoil system that has proven function and superior overall monofin utility.  The Pilot uses Shimano SPD shoes to achieve an ergonomic diver interface that is comfortable in both warm and cold water diving applications.
[Sizes 36 to 48]


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MSRP  $599 (US) without shoes
PURCHASE   MSRP $599 without shoes

MSRP  $690 (US) with shoes
PURCHASE   On Sale for  $599 (US)
for in-stock shoe sizes only, please check with us on availability. 
DOL-Fin Pilot Monofin

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DOL-Fin Pilot2

The DOL-Fin Pilot2 is nearly identical to the DOL-Fin Pilot.  The difference is that the Pilot2 has a modified frame that uses a shoe interface bolt pattern that is compatible with the 3-hole "Look" cycling shoe interface instead of Shimano's SPD interface.  This allows the Pilot2 to be combined with many different shoe options, giving customers a wide array of possible custom arrangements.  Shown here with Shimano Tri Fly V shoes and optional Pilot Pool Protectors attached, the Pilot2 is sold as a kit without shoes.  However, we can special order Shimano Tri Fly V shoes for you and ship them with your Pilot2 on request for $100 extra.

Note - Photo to the right includes optional Pilot Pool Protectors; see below.
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MSRP  $599 (US) without shoes

DOL-Fin Pilot2 monofin

Pilot Pool Protectors

The Pilot monofin is generally used for recreational diving in open water.  If you intend to use the Pilot in a pool environment, you may want to have the Pool Protectors installed.  When standing on the Pilot monofin in a pool, the fin will be contacting the pool surface on the rubber heels of the shoes and on the aluminum fin blade.  The Pool Protectors are plastic bumpers that take the load off the fin blade so that the aluminum does not forcefully scrape the pool surface and the aluminum fin blade is less likely to be scratched by the pool.

MSRP  $20 (US)

To order separately, please email with your request and shipping information.  We will send you a PayPal invoice for this item.
Pilot Pool Protectors 

DOL-Fin X-20

Incorporating high performance swimming attributes, ease of use, comfort and rugged durability, the X-20 is made with repeatable high-quality manufacturing processes that express the clean lines of an incredible monofin design.  The X-20 uses Shimano SPD shoes to achieve an ergonomic diver interface that is comfortable in both warm and cold water diving applications. [Sizes 36 to 48]

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MSRP $890

PURCHASE   X-20s are SOLD Out!
DOL-Fin X-20 

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