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Smith Aerospace is a small business which has several exciting and potentially groundbreaking projects underway.  We need people who want to work here because they are excited about the projects we are pursuing and want to see them succeed for reasons beyond personal employment.  This is a place where, through individual hard-work and dedication to ideas, you may take a responsibility in building a new and better future.

Positions Available

Position: Shop Minion

Description: This is an intern position which offers a fun working experience helping to design and build diving fins and acquire freediving and monofin training from US Dynamic Champion Ron Smith.  The Shop Minion will be responsible for building and assembling parts for production and for prototype fabrication as directed.  He/She may be tasked to deal with day-to-day shop activities, upgrades, supplies and maintenance of the facilities.

Requirements: Applicants should be skilled with the use of power tools and hand tools, should be skilled with deburring, finishing preparing and painting aluminum and composite parts.  You must be able to interface and work with engineering, be self-motivated and willing to work for the experience and fun of the job, plus room and board.