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The following is a list of the talent and experience at work within Smith Aerospace.

Ron Evan Smith
CEO, Chief Engineer
Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, University of Washington, B.S. 1995

Ron is an award winning aerospace engineer and inventor with more than a decade of professional experience, specializing in fluid dynamics, control systems design, simulation development and system performance prediction. 

forged a passion for freediving at a young age that has only intensified over the years.  He has been a certified diver for over 20 years and holds several advanced diving certificates through IANTD. 

Specialties & Interests:
- Systems architecture & design
- System modeling and performance prediction
- Biomimetic systems design
- Recreational Freediving / Sea Hiking
- SCUBA DOL-Fin diving
- Deep Air / Nitrox
- Percussion / Drumming
- Ultralights
- Motorcycles
Ron Evan Smith

Peter Scott (aka - Laminar)
Freediving Consultant to Smith Aerospace
Total Immersion Swimming Teaching Professional and Senior Coach

Peter has been assisting with defining the functional and performance requirements for the Orca DOL-Fin as well as assisting with DOL-Fin testing.  Peter was certified Total Immersion Swimming Teaching Professional and Senior Coach in 2007-2009, one of only four in Canada.

Specialties & Interests:
Swimming efficiency and technique
- High-performance swimming
- Fin Swimming and Monofin Freediving
- Sea Hiking
- Freediving
- Fractional Residual Capacity (FRC) Freediving
Peter Scott Underwater 

Grant Smith
Aviation Consultant to Smith Aerospace
Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, M.S. 1967

Grant has been assisting Smith Aerospace with developing concepts for new ultralight vehicles.  Grant first soloed a Cessna 140 in 1959 and retired from United Airlines 747 pilot in 2003. He designed and built hang gliders in the 1970's and is the Design Wing Director for Aero Sport Connection. He is an active flight instructor in many types of ultralight, light sport and general aviation aircraft

Specialties & Interests:
GA instrument & Multi-engine
- LSA / Ultralight
- Trikes / Weight-shift control
- Paragliders & Paramotors