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About Smith Aerospace Corp.

The aerospace industry has long been an incubator for technologies in fluid mechanics, structures, propulsion and control systems.  These technologies can have useful applications outside the aerospace industry. 

The Smith Aerospace Corporation is working to disseminate aerospace technologies to new consumer markets.  We are presently pursuing diving and water-sports markets with our first commercial product, the DOL-Fin.  Future products for ultralight, off-road and racing markets are planned. 

Mission Statement: Through innovative applications of aerospace technology, we aspire to develop products which bring unique and improved attributes of performance and function to compete in commercial markets.

Facilities & Capabilities

Our facilities, located in Southern Arizona, foster an environment of bold creativity in design, research and development.  With about 300 days per year of good flying weather this is an ideal location for aerospace product development.

We have co-located engineering, fabrication & manufacturing and a 70,000 gallon diver testing tank to provide a streamlined and cost effective process to support developing new technologies in diving equipment. This unique synergy of assets allows for rapid cycle times of design, build and test that is necessary for product maturity and mission assurance. This capability has resulted in the creation of some of the worlds most unique and highest performing diving fins.

We have invested in new 3D CAD and CAM tools, which has allowed us to make better products with quicker development cycles to product maturity.  Our 3 axis CNC mill can work with material sizes up to 8x4x1.5 feet in dimension. It is ideal for mold fabrication and will soon be put to task building molds for the construction of composite aircraft and ultralight parts.

Among our key capabilities are composite fabrication and mold development. We can also do CNC plasma cutting. We have a clicker press for efficient high volume reproduction of 2D plastic parts and we have an industrial sewing machine for working with structural and load bearing textiles.
Shop & Pool / Diver Testing Facility
CNC Mill, Plasma Cutter & Clicker Press
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Ron Evan Smith, inventor of the patented DOL-Fin technology, is both CEO and Chief Engineer for Smith Aerospace Corp.

Mr. Smith is an award winning aerospace engineer and inventor with more than 15 years of professional experience.  He has both worked on and led design activities for highly successful multi-million dollar aerospace programs. Ron has extensive knowledge and experience in the disciplines of feedback and control of dynamic systems and fluid mechanics / aerodynamics.

A certified diver for over 25 years, Mr. Smith holds several advanced diving certificates. In September of 2012, he set a U.S. National Record in the freediving discipline of Dynamic Apnea With Fins (DYN) of 175 meters at the AIDA Team Freediving World Championships in Nice, France. This record was set with a DOL-Fin Orca monofin that he designed and built himself.
Ron Evan Smith