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DOL-Fin Pilot2

Designed for freediving, spearfishing and scubadiving, the DOL-Fin Pilot2 provides excellent propulsive efficiency over a wide range of speeds and power inputs, making it a great recreational monofin for a diverse range of applications. This great looking monofin delivers consistent high-performance thrust with superior comfort and durability at a price that won't break the bank.

Pilot2 Monofin


Pilot2 Monofin

The Pilot2 is sold as a kit without shoes.  The customer must supply cycling shoes with the 3-hole "Look" interface and bolt them to the Pilot2 frame.  Please see the Pilot2 bolt pattern specifications below to assure that your shoes will properly attach to the Pilot2 frame without problems.  Alternatively, we can special order Shimano Tri-Fly V shoes for you for an extra cost of $100 (US).  The Pilot2 Kit comes with a preassembled frame, a preassembled fin blade, and the hardware required to complete the assembly of your monofin (see image below).

Pilot2 Monofin Kit (with optional Pilot Pool Protectors)
Pilot2 Kit

The Pilot2 has several adjustments that divers can use to get custom feel and performance from their monofin.  In addition to 3 standard hydrofoil sizes selected at the time of purchase based on biometrics of height and weight, the level of fin traction can be customized allowing the user to make their fin just as they want it to feel to compliment their level of ankle flexibility and core strength.  This is achieved through selecting the shoe placement on the frame to vary the extension length and angle of the fin relative to the shoes.  Additionally, the fin's angle control can be customized by trimming of the fin's suspension guide lengths if desired, allowing total user control to customize their monofin.

A diver can find the setting that works best for them, and then update the setting as needed to keep their monofin in tune with their swimming capabilities as they become stronger and more flexible with training.  For people who have legs of different lengths, or other forms of biometric asymmetry, adjusting the shoe positions on the frame also provides an easy method of customized compensation. 

The DOL-Fin Pilot2 is a modular monofin with replaceable parts.  It makes traveling with a monofin easy. The Pilot2 can generally fit into a standard large suitcase by folding the fin tips, which requires no tools and takes only seconds.  If you need it more compact still, just remove 4 small screws and this sturdy monofin disassembles leaving plenty of luggage room to spare. The DOL-Fin Pilots monofin is ready to revolutionize your tropical vacation experience.

DOL-Fin Pilot2 Monofin

The Pilot2 only uses 2 of the 3 bolt holes that define the "Look" interface system.  The third bolt hole near the toe of the shoe is unused.  Since monofin use places very different load requirements upon the shoe than are encountered in cycling, the Pilot2 frame uses two frame supported force couples (one near the toe of the shoe, and one midway to the heal), and the two side-by-side bolt holes of the shoe, to resolve the monofin torque and loads on the shoe.  This support system makes the composite structure of the frame + the shoes, stronger than the shoes by themselves.  As a result, it is not necessary to purchase expensive carbon composite cycling shoes to get a shoe that is strong enough to hold up to the loads of monofin swimming with the Pilot2.  However, it is still necessary to use shoes that will hold up well with repeated immersions in water.  This is one reason we chose a triathlon shoe for our product development work. 

Specifically, we used the Shimano Tri-Fly V shoe, and the frame design and holes were arranged to fit that particular shoe.  Although the "Look" interface is a standard, each manufacture may apply that standard with slightly different interpretations.  We are unable to survey all shoes on the market for compatibility, but in the image below are the bolt hole specifications for the Pilot2 frame so that you can measure your shoes to make a determination on whether you think there will be issues mating the shoes to the Pilot2 frame.  In general there should be an easy wiggle room of -+ 1mm for the bolt tolerances. 

Pilot2 Bolt Hole Pattern

 Specifications Are Size Dependent

Specification Table English Metric
Length (depends on shoes and setup) 20.8 to 24.3 inches 53 to 62 cm
Width (span tip-to-tip) 37, 42, 44 inches (M,L,XL) 94, 107, 112 cm (M,L,XL)
Width (with fin tips folded) 25, 30, 32 inches (M,L,XL) 63, 76, 81 cm (M,L,XL)
Height with shoes attached Approximately 7 inches Approximately 18 cm
Weight w/ large fin (minus shoes) 3.0 pounds 1.36 Kg
Weight w/ medium fin (minus shoes) 2.8 pounds 1.27 Kg
Color Black and Gold





Fin Anodized 6063 T6 Aluminum
Fin Tips Polyethylene  Plastic
Base Plate Anodized 5052 Aluminum
Shoes None Supplied, but used Shimano Tri Fly V in development (1 lb.)
Fin Suspension Elastomer & Nylon Composite w/ Polyethylene Guides
Hardware Stainless Steel

Download DOL-Fin Pilot Owner's Manual - coming soon

MSRP $599 (US) without shoes


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