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Ordering DOL-Fin Pilot

Shopping cart features for ordering are not implemented due to the nature of this product. 

This paragraph supersedes the following portions:
[The Pilot is presently in Beta Testing, and may be ordered at a discounted price for those who want to be a part of this potential product's development story.  Cost will be determined by hardware availability, testing needs, and product performance over the testing period.  If you are interested, send us a message and ask about Pilot beta test opportunities to find out more.  Following a successful beta testing period, regular orders for the DOL-Fin Pilot will be accepted.  For those who are unable be a part of the DOL-Fin Pilot's beta testing process, please consider the DOL-Fin X-20 as an alternative.  The X-20 is a well proven design and has been discounted to Pilot prices to supplement the gap in the product line.]

Please send an email to for availability and for the latest shipping information.  Please include your desired shoe size and the shipping destination.

Contracts and signatures are needed before hardware can be delivered.  To place an order for your DOL-Fin Pilot monofin, download the order forms below and then follow the instructions.  Payments can be accepted by check or by PayPal.  For PayPal payments, we can supply a PayPal invoice for your final payment.

  - Download the order form for the DOL-Fin Pilot here: DOL-Fin Pilot Order Form (Adobe File)
  - Download the order form for the Pilot without shoes here: DOL-Fin Pilot NS Order Form

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