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The DOL-Fin HP (High-Performance) is equipped with a new ultra efficient hydrofoil fin based on the design of our DOL-Fin Orca freediving monofin. Compared to the DOL-Fin Classic, this new option offers faster swimming speeds, better hydrodynamic efficiency and a sleek new look.

For the same power input, the HP can deliver about 10% more speed than the Classic. This may be desirable if the diver will be using the DOL-Fin for freediving as well as SCUBA diving, or if the diver simply wants the best performance possible from their monofin. Although the HP's raked fin tips are not as sturdy as the Classic's, it's fin is quite durable compared to other composite monofins on the market, and unlike other monofins bearing the scars of use, damaged DOL-Fin parts are easily replaced.

Measured Performance Across 25 Meter Pool*
DOL-Fin HP (C2s37) with Kick & Glide Technique

Common DOL-Fin HP Pool Performance

End of pool reached at 14.3 seconds with 10 fin strokes. 
Average Speed Actual = 3.2 knots.


Specification Table English Metric
Length 19 inches / 16 inches folded 48 cm / 41 cm folded
Width (span tip-to-tip) 47.5 inches / 35 inches folded 121 cm / 89 cm folded
Height 3.5 inches 9 cm
Weight 3.3 pounds 1.5 Kg
Color Black





Fin Anodized 6063 T6 Aluminum
Fin Tips Polyethylene  Plastic
Base Plate ABS Plastic
Bindings Polyester Webbing with Hook & Loop Fastener
Suspension Elastomer & Nylon Composite
Hardware Stainless Steel

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*Measured performance is for 6 foot, 180 pound male freediver wearing a typical shorty-style wetsuit, weight belt on waist and standard dive mask.  Swimming technique used kick-and-glide fin stroke with arms overhead.