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DOL-Fin Classic

The DOL-Fin Classic is the original DOL-Fin design, which has a fin that's tough as nails. It's so sturdy that it can be used as a walking stick to assist when entering and exiting the water on rocky shores with waves and surge, a useful safety feature for reaching those hard to get to dive sites. Sometimes simple and robust are highly valued attributes.

The DOL-Fin Classic's rugged aluminum hydrofoil fin means you probably won't do much worrying about its integrity. Finding space for a monofin on a crowded dive boat can sometimes be challenging. It is reassuring to have a fin so tough you can stick it almost anywhere and not have to worry about what might be tweaking it. Simple mission assurance has a performance quality all its own.

Measured Performance Across 25 Meter Pool*
DOL-Fin Classic with Kick & Glide Technique

Common DOL-Fin Classic Pool Performance

End of pool reached at 15.7 seconds with 11 fin strokes. 
Average Speed Actual = 2.9 knots.


Specification Table English Metric
Length 16 inches 41 cm
Width (span tip-to-tip) 47.5 inches 121 cm
Height 3.5 inches 9 cm
Weight 3.5 pounds 1.6 Kg
Color Black





Fin Anodized 6063 T6 Aluminum
Fin Tips Polyethylene  Plastic
Base Plate ABS Plastic
Bindings Polyester Webbing with Hook & Loop Fastener
Suspension Elastomer & Nylon Composite
Hardware Stainless Steel

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*Measured performance is for 6 foot, 180 pound male freediver wearing a typical shorty-style wetsuit, weight belt on waist and standard dive mask.  Swimming technique used kick-and-glide fin stroke with arms overhead.