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The Smith Aerospace Corporation is working to disseminate aerospace technologies to new consumer markets.  We are presently pursuing diving and water-sports markets with our unique line of monofin products incorporating an efficient hydrofoil propulsion technology inspired by designs for aircraft wings.

DOL-Fin Pilot Diver 

DOL-Fin (Dynamic Oscillating Lateral-Fin)

Experience a diving renaissance with the DOL-Fin's amazing hydrofoil propulsion.  Whether you're SCUBA, or freediving, the advanced diver propulsion of the DOL-Fin will give you the swimming advantage. 

The original concept for the DOL-Fin received the 1995 BF Goodrich Collegiate Inventors Program Award.  Since then, it has been improved and the DOL-Fin has developed into truly impressive monofin technology for both SCUBA and freediving. The DOL-Fin uses a patented fin suspension system to provide automatic active control of a high aspect ratio hydrofoil-fin to deliver powerful and efficient diver propulsion approaching the fluidic perfection found in nature's designs.  Don't settle for old fashioned flexible flippers when you could be swimming with a DOL-Fin

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